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Frequently Asked Question?

  • What does it cost?

A typical visit cost depending on the complexity and length of time required for the Associate to complete the process, if any purchase has to be done etc.  

  • How often are we shopped?

Entirely up to you, although we recommend at least twice a month. If only done once in a while, the evaluation may show when someone is having a particularly bad day, rather than a pattern of behavior.

  • How long till I get the evaluation?

Usually you'll get the evaluation within 48 hours of the visit. It needs to be fast - it does little good for you to reprimand or praise an employee for something done weeks ago.

  • What is on the evaluation?

Whatever you want checked. We have evaluations for many business types and then tailor it to your needs and requirements.

  • Are your Associates any good?

We train the Associate in how to conduct the visit, and conduct a review of each evaluation.

  • Where do you provide your service? 
    • Metro Manila
    • Laguna
    • Cavite
    • Bulacan
    • Pampanga
    • Rizal
    • Cebu Island
    • Dumaguete City
    • Cagayan de Oro City
    • Davao City
    • General Santos City
    • Zamboanga City
    • Butuan City
    • Other regions can be included particular for Companywide programs
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