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When a Company hires VERBAND MANAGEMENT for a Mystery Shopping program, a surveymodel will be created and agreed which defines what information and improvement factors the client company wishes to measure. These are then converted into a questionnaire and checklist format and assigned to a VERBAND MANAGEMENT Mystery Shopping Associate.
The details and information VERBAND MANAGEMENT Mystery Shopping Associates uses are tailored to your business. We send a mystery shopping trained Associate, who looks and behaves just like an ordinary customer to do an ordinary transaction, but observe many things an ordinary customer wouldn't notice. The Associate then fills out an evaluation that very specifically identifies what went right and what went wrong. We pay the Associate for their time and get compensated for some amount of purchase, which is arranged with you beforehand. This is to ensure they can blend in with your regular customers. The Associate submits the receipts and very specific details to document the visit and purchase was done as described.
Mystery Shopping Associates are often given instructions or procedures to make the transactionout of the normal to test the knowledge and service skills of the employees more stringent or specific.
The length of time a VERBAND MANAGEMENT Mystery Shopping Associate takes depends on the type of assignment, but usually a shop visit is likely to take up to two hours. Fee per visit depends on line of business, location of business (travel expenses) and purchase if required.
Our service is highly professional but surprisingly cost efficient and every Company should avail of our Mystery Shopping service, regardless of size or numbers of outlets to improve your operation. We quote you accordingly upon establishing your requirements.
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